Assumptions, Assertions, and Beliefs



Hello fellow LIS 6010 students, and welcome to my blog. 

I know we have already been introduced, but here are a few facts about me anyways:

  • My name is Allison Fiscus.  I live in Maumee, Ohio with my wonderful husband Jon, and our dog Albus.
  • I graduated from the University of Toledo with a degree in Fine Art (Printmaking) and Art History.  I am an art lover in the extreme and have a particularly large appreciation of the Italian Renaissance and Pop Art periods.
  • I love to read, particularly history and sci-fi/fantasy books.  I am also a compulsive book recommender.  Want a suggestion of what to read next? Just ask! I’ll happily give you a title (or 30).
  • I am a fairly musical person, and in my limited extra time I help to instruct my alma mater’s marching band.
  • I work for the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library as the Assistant Manager of the Sanger Branch.  I started in 2004 as a page at my neighborhood library, and have since worked my way up through the ranks as a circulation clerk, Adult Services Librarian, and Children’s Librarian.  My past work experience also includes a stint at Barnes and Noble as a Digital and Children’s Department Lead.  I have known for a very long time that I was meant to be a librarian, and love every minute of what I do.

Which brings me to…

Assumption: LIS 6010 will provide me with a well-rounded look at the LIS professions that I won’t necessarily get by working in a public library.  As a result, I will be able to use aspects of many information science professions to become better at what I do.

I have been working in the public library setting for almost 10 years.  I know my job backwards and forwards, but as far as information science goes, public libraries are all I know.  I look forward to broadening my horizons in this course and exploring new areas of LIS.  This is important to me because…

Assertion: Librarians should always be open to, and looking for, new ways to improve the way libraries are run.

There is a long and fantastic tradition of libraries in this country, and I truly believe that each librarian to sit behind a desk and direct someone to the information they need is aware and proud of that fact.  Toledo-Lucas County Public Library was established in 1838.  This year, we celebrate our 175th anniversary, and sometimes when introducing new ideas to my co-workers, it feels like it’s still 1838.  It has been my experience that sometimes librarians can be resistant to change.

With the invention of the Internet and the introduction of digital media, librarians can no longer afford to think that way.  As a profession, we must be open to new ideas and new opportunities to assert ourselves. By doing that our importance to society will not be forgotten, it will be expanded.  Providing new ways to obtain information proves that a library is aware of the cultural and technological changes that are occurring in the world, and that it is willing and able to adapt to them.

Belief: Being a librarian is one of the most rewarding careers a person can have. 

Everyday I go into work and I get to help people.  Sometimes that looks like a storytime, sometimes a book recommendation, and sometimes it is assisting with a form of technology.  The list goes on.  The library offers a judgment-free place to ask for assistance, and it is extremely rewarding to be able to offer it.

Furthermore, you will be hard pressed to find a librarian anywhere who doesn’t have an extreme love of the written word.  That love creates a work environment that promotes the sharing of ideas, philosophies, and more.  Book recommendations seem to bounce off the walls, landing on any ears willing to hear them.  Program ideas are shared so often that there are never enough days in the year to provide them all.  We are a profession of people so eager to share what we know that there is not enough time in the day to do so.  This means that I am constantly challenged in my career to better myself, as well as the environment I work in.

I am looking forward to a great semester with you all.  I am sure that I will have a chance to learn from each of you.




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