Job Analysis Pt. 1

Digital Services Manager

Arlington Heights Memorial Library,
Arlington Heights, Illinois

Salary: $61,000 to $76,000

Status: Full-time

Posted: 09/20/13

Deadline: 10/21/13

Because our customers love it.

That’s why we created the Studio with space, equipment and software to get creative with video, music, graphic design and more.

That’s why each month we offer 50 to 80 computer and technology classes, from basic computer skills to exploring digital magazines to using social media to grow a business.

That’s why we’re always open 24/7 at

That’s why our Digital Services Manager will be a creative leader and innovator, who will build on our success to bring together the Arlington Heights community to explore, learn and play with technology.

Candidates must have at least 7 years professional experience, including designing and delivering customer services.  Tech experience will include knowledge of most current equipment, software and tools for home, school and small businesses.  Demonstrated knowledge of web design and development for maximum customer experience.  Record of developing talented staff and teams and a high profile in library and professional communities.  As a key member of the leadership team, must contribute to strategic direction of the library and design of next generation of services.  Master of Library Science from ALA-accredited program or equivalent experience required (Jobs @ AHML, 2013, para 1-6).

I spoke to this a few postings ago, but Digital Services Manager/Coordinator is my dream job.  I believe that public libraries should be embracing and expanding into new areas of technology and constantly re-evaluating what they offer in terms of digital services.  Libraries are temples of learning and the technological realm should not be forgotten.  Adopting comprehensive digital services will be what allows libraries to remain relevant in the future.

 What particularly interests me about this posting is how forward-thinking this library is, as well as how enthusiastic they are about the digital services they offer.  It is not enough for them to just offer computers for internet access, they also have a studio where videos can be edited, graphic designs created, and music composed.  Their justification for these offerings?  “Because our customers love it.”  What better reason is there than that?  If a public library is for the public, give them what they want.

 As far as experience I would need to gain and knowledge I would need to acquire goes, there are a few steps I will need to take.

  1. Take additional classes in web design.  My undergraduate minor was in Graphic Design, but my knowledge of web design is limited.  Creating and maintaining a LIS related blog would be an excellent way to raise my profile within the community as well as hone my web design skills.
  2. Expand upon my management experience within my current library system.  I would like to run my own branch library.  This would allow me the opportunity to develop my own team and better develop my management style.
  3. Take advantage of conferences, get involved in library advocacy, and make opportunities to network.  Half the battle in the library world seems to be making a name for yourself.  By becoming a member of local and national associations, as well as speaking out for library causes, I will be able to better promote myself as a trusted member of the LIS community.



Library Director

San Luis Obispo County Library,
San Luis Obispo, California

Salary: $105,684 to $128,460

Status: Full-time

Posted: 09/10/13

Deadline: 09/19/13


San Luis Obispo County is seeking a proven executive who will be a progressive, energetic, responsive, politically astute and confident leader who is flexible, a good problem solver, and customer service oriented. This individual must be a team player that possesses the creative vision to advance Library services. Interpersonal skills and the ability to easily relate and adjust to a variety of situations and personalities, and to communicate with staff at all levels of the organization is a must. The Library Director reports directly to the County Administrative Officer (Employment, 2013, para 1).

I selected the posting of Library Director because if my main goal working in a public library is to exact change that will keep libraries relevant for the future, this position would allow me to do just that.   If there is one factor of my career that has been consistent throughout each position I have held, it is the fact that I have not pictured myself in the position before I got there.  By that I mean, I never would have predicted that my first librarian position would be a teaching one, but it was, and I loved it.  I never would have seen myself as a children’s librarian until I was one, and hey, I loved that too.  I did see myself eventually moving into management, but I never thought it would happen one year after accepting my first librarian job.  While I view Digital Services Manager as my ideal position, I have learned not to limit myself to just my expectations. 

For this position, I would need to follow the same steps that I would take for the DSM position, as well as a few more. 

  1. Take additional coursework in business, possibly earning a certificate of some sort.  Business is not my area of expertise.  Expanding my knowledge in that area is a must.
  2. Become more politically involved. From what I have witnessed within my own library system, a lot of what makes our director so fantastic is his ability to be politically savvy and socially conscious.

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